Breakfast at The Stafford

Friday 16 February 2018

When you get invited for a show round and breakfast on a Thursday, it is hard to say no. Little did we know of what a hidden gem we had re-discovered!

There are certainly perks of our jobs! 

To start our Thursday morning, some of the team headed down to The Stafford. Having been a player in the luxury hotel game for years, even for us it is hard to remember every venue in London. Well, we won’t be forgetting The Stafford anytime soon!

You can meander down through Green Park and cut through to the beautiful, quaint St James’ Place. From the moment you arrive, as the doors are swung open by a doorman, you are transported to a world of elegance. A fusion of modern and traditional styles come together to create a clean and classic feel. 

We were led on a tour of bedrooms and suites that you just can’t believe are in Central London. You feel like you are in the country side!

As you can tell, we were huge fans of the whole place, but there were a few features that really set it apart from any other hotels in London. One of which was easily the three storied, two bedroomed, two bath roomed suite. Oh, and you have your own lift, just in case you didn’t feel like using the stairs up to the master bedroom.

Around the room was incredible art from Andy Warhol. We aren’t easily blown away, but this would get very close. And then just to top it all off, they had the most high tech toilets! Yes, toilets! At the touch of a button, you can lift and drop the…Yes, toilets! At the touch of a button, you can lift and drop the loo seats without using your hands. Just like magic!

But, even better than the toilet, lay a secret under ground. Led down a corridor that made you think you had taken a wrong turn, but then the candle lit walls show that you are in fact arriving at a beautiful wine cellar. With a table set for a small private dinner, this was just stunning and a really quirky option for private dining  

I know what you are thinking. Is there anything that this hotel doesn't have?! Well, did I mention a WW2 bunker, which serves as a private museum for the hotel. With all original artefacts that were left behind the war, what an amazing commemoration of British History!

From beautiful food, to incredible bedrooms and a courtyard to sit out and sip on Pimms or pints, The Stafford has stolen out hearts

A hidden gem, not to be forgotten about. If you want to feel what the height of luxury is, check yourself in and experience it for yourself!

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