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Greengage Solutions - Sustainable Venues Accreditation

Thursday 2 November 2023

 Greengage Solutions  Greengage awards

Venue Search London are working with Greengage Solutions to drive awareness and improvements in the sustainability of event venues in both their core operations and on live events delivered. You can read more about sustainable venues in London here.

ECOsmart is the leading accreditation system for hotels, meeting venues, short stay apartments and pubs with meeting rooms. It is increasingly recognised as the credible and affordable marque that organisations can display to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and achievement of recognised standards.

Their accreditation levels are summarised below:

Bronze - A variety of steps taken to establish practices in key areas across all 5 of our categories. Bronze venues are keen to continue their sustainability journey and have a road map to add more sustainability improvements in the following 12 months.
Silver - Advanced steps taken to achieve a wide range of eco-focused actions. These will include areas such as energy and carbon reduction measures, recycling activities, sustainable food and beverage management and green meeting facilities.
Gold - Extensive measures taken to fully embrace environmental sustainability. This means a comprehensive approach to all 5 categories measured with many eco-processes and features in place including a focus on corporate and social responsibility.
Platinum - Outstanding approach with the highest possible standard of environmental sustainability applied. Platinum ECOsmart venues are leaders in hospitality and have considered sustainability in all aspect of their business.

Their key areas of consideration when awarding these accreditations are:
Focusing on the property’s environmental footprint reveals a pathway to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable building. Opportunities open up for optimising light, heat and water management. Moving to 100% renewable energy sources enables venues to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your energy security and significantly reduce your energy costs.

This is about bringing green initiatives to venues and adjusting the environment and facilities to incorporate eco-friendly elements that enhance rather than detract from the guest experience.

Traditionally a large volume of food, packaging and non-food waste is produced by hospitality and hotel venues. The focus here is on creating a meaningful plan for reducing waste, eliminating single use plastics and recycling. In addition to improved sustainability, it can also benefit the bottom line in terms of reducing food costs.

Offering healthy options and having environmentally friendly products, plus adopting a purchasing plan that favours nearby growers and food providers is a great way to support local suppliers whilst also reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation.

And finally, an organisation’s commitment to best-practice environmental and social sustainability. In particular we look for an approach that engages and supports staff, customers, suppliers and your local area.

Helping organisations act greener and be more successful. ECOsmart accredited members and green partners have access to the ECOmap. Our vision is to create a community - connecting organisations and promoting their sustainable stories.


Sam Gill

Founder Director, Venue Search London
As Founder of Venue Search London and with over 30 years of UK event experience, Sam has a vast knowledge and understanding of the London venues scene, having previously operated and designed some of the most iconic event spaces in the capital. He believes that selecting the right venue is at the very heart of every successful event.