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Hampton Court Palace: Large Scale Events and Palace Takeover...

Wednesday 8 May 2024

 Hampton Court Palace Exterior  Hampton Court Palace Marquee

Nestled in 750 acres of grounds and formal gardens, Hampton Court Palace has over 80 historic rooms, allowing for beautiful receptions, dinners, and substantial events. It also offers three marquee sites with unforgettable views of the palace and can accommodate 300-1500 guests.

Hampton Court Palace is a world-renowned historic building, famously the hub of the Tudor court and home to Henry VIII and his wives. In later centuries, William III and Mary II transformed half of this grand palace into a beautiful baroque palace, which was recently popularised by its feature in the Netflix series Bridgerton.

A popular visitor attraction, the palace is also a unique venue for large-scale events. Last year, the events team at Hampton Court Palace obtained special permission to close the palace to the public in order host one of its largest ever events, the Global Investment Summit 2023. Hosting the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and over 200 CEOs and investors from science, technology and creative industries, the summit showed the UK as an innovative place to invest: ‘Great British Ideas – Past, Present and Future’. The event utilised over 53 locations within the palace, including the Great Hall and Cartoon Gallery, alongside many of the King’s and Queen’s opulent State Apartments. The spaces were transformed to accommodate green rooms, private meeting spaces, VIP networking areas, and exhibition spaces. 

In addition, eight structures were built in within the palace’s courtyards and formal gardens to accommodate large numbers of staff and attendees. A bespoke glass marquee was created inside Fountain Court, right in the heart of the palace to house the main plenary space, offering 360-degree views of the baroque palace. The event was an incredible success and enabled boundaries to be pushed and learn what Hampton Court Palace can achieve to its fullest potential.

In the post pandemic world of flexible working, it has become more essential than ever for professionals to be innovative and creative to ensure a high turnout at events. Historic buildings are a fantastic backdrop to attract guests, offering the opportunity to reserve their own place in history. They also allow guests to connect with history in a new and exciting way.

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