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Business at breakfast

Thursday 8 October 2015

 Healthy granola provides the perfect start to a breakfast meeting  Breakfast meetings

Venue Search London's clients were recently given the chance to get a glimpse of the new London Conference Venue, Hilton Bankside before it opens. The London Conference venue is perfect for breakfast meetings, conference and Christmas parties.

The survey showed that three-quarters of the people surveyed said short breakfast events or meetings cause less disruption to their working day than midday, afternoon or evening events.

Charley Taylor-Smith, head of hospitality events and commercial business development at The Deck who carried out the research and are running the ‘London Breakfast Meetings week’ campaign for the second year running says:

“We are excited to be re-launching London Breakfast Meetings Week for 2015 and look forward to collaborating with our fellow London venues to rethink and reinterpret the idea of not only breakfast, but meetings in general.”

Hosting breakfast meetings also gives the chance to offer the perfect ‘brain food’ menu alongside the business conversations to allow for a positive and healthy start to the day. Caroline Gardiner of top catering team Lucas Gardiner who cater at the popular Banking Hall says “Breakfast should include delicious dishes such as open crispy bacon tartine topped with avocado, Greek yogurt with roasted walnuts, goji berries & linseeds, Blueberry smoothies with wheat & flaxseed and Smoked salmon on toasted rye." Also it's worth considering the menu throughout the conference "If you are going to listen to a speaker, hand your guests a bag of roasted almonds to nibble on as they keep the brain focused & maintain sugar levels which will help you stay energised."

Popular coffee chain Costa also agree following a rise in the number of morning business get-togethers at the cafe chain. Kevin Hydes, of Costa Coffee, said ''The study has proved what we have been noticing in our own stores, that breakfast business meetings are becoming more and more popular,''

''People tend to be much more alert after they've had a good night's sleep, a good breakfast and a great cup of coffee, so not only are people more likely to pay attention, but they are likely to be more enthusiastic about what is being discussed.

''To add to that, the moment you get into the office, it's easy to get bogged down with phones calls and emails, so breaking to go into a meeting in the middle of the day can be a nightmare. It's much better than meeting later on in the day when all you are thinking about is going home.''

So the next time a colleague offers you a meeting slot first thing, set that alarm clock early, grab a large coffee and be prepared for a positive outcome!