Four Great Event Tips From Story Events

Monday 3 July 2017

 Four Great Event Tips From Story Events  Four Great Event Tips From Story Events

Story Events are a bespoke event agency who believe in finding the story behind every event. Here are their top four tips on what you can do in the pre, post and during stages of an event to ensure that you are delivering top quality events every time. 


Working on an event often means you are working with lots of different event suppliers.  Sometimes you will be told something can't be done, don't let this compromise the overall event vision, work with the venue and suppliers to explore every option or to find another solution.

STORY Example: We wanted to hold a 'Festival in the sky' for one of our clients, where we envisaged real grass covering the floor of the 38th floor venue.  Getting six tonnes of grass up to the 38th floor seemed impossible but with added staff and longer get in times we managed to overcome the hurdles in our way. The result was a venue that truly captured the essence of a festival which stayed true to our original brief. 

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It really is the small touches that turn an event from a good one into a great one. Consider things like staff styling to not only impress visitors but also engage the staff onsite with the theme etc.

STORY ExampleWe held a conference and dinner for one of our international clients who were flying in from overseas to host their conference in London. To give the event that extra pizzazz and to create a more memorable experience for the delegates we added small touches such as transporting guests from one venue to the next on Red Route-master London buses and stopping at London Landmarks on the journey to give guests them the opportunity to take photos, this went down really well with the guests who were all visitors to London.

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There are so many elements that need to be carefully planned and considered to pull off a flawless event. Often you are dealing with lots of different suppliers as well as numerous guests that all require their needs met at different times. We would therefore advise having an event management company on-board to make the process less stressful and more stream-lined. A lot of people also still use pen and paper for keeping track of attendees, this however leaves lots of room for human error and delegate lists can now be much more easily managed with delegate check-in software.

STORY Example: We held an exclusive dinner for 900 people at the Natural History Museum and used our Ipad delegate software to check-in guests as they arrived. This made the process very easy, which meant there were no queues and the client could easily keep an eye on how many guests had arrived at the event. Final attendee and no-show lists could also be easily emailed to the client following the event.  

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Engaging visitors is key to a successful event. As events get more and more advanced people are constantly looking for those added extras that make a certain event stand out from the crowd. 

STORY Example: We ran a consumer Drinks Festival for the brand Waitrose, where visitors to the event were given the opportunity to try food and drink products from some of their top suppliers. To give the event that extra edge and to immerse the visitors in attendance, elements such as Virtual Reality (guests could experience cycling around a french vineyard) tasting masterclasses, and cookery schools (where they could be taught how to turn ingredients from Waitrose into easy cook at home recipes) were added to the event, which greatly enhanced the visitor experience.

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For further information on how our partners at Story Events can deliver memorable experiences and activations visit or call them now on 0207 870 9303  for an initial chat.