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Monday 7 January 2019


When did you last drink a glass of water? It may seem like an afterthought in the mind of the busy working professional, but when you consider that our bodies are made up of 75% water, it’s something which simply can’t be ignored.

Veganuary, Tri-January and Dry January; it’s the New Year and we are already being informed of the changes we should make for 2019! We're a pretty healthy bunch thanks to Dommie's tutorage on mindfulness, good eating and regular exercise, so sometimes the big campaigns seem a little longwinded.  Often its best to strip things back to basics, back to source. 


Health authorities commonly recommend about 2 litres, or half a gallon of water per day, and while that can seem like a daunting daily target, it can really change the way your mind and body performs.


Drinking plenty of water will reduce fatigue, improve your endurance and provide a welcome energy boost when you’re feeling sluggish. As well as the physical benefits, water works miracles on our mind and mood. Drinking plenty of water helps us to maximise brain output and increase focus, while at the same time improving our mood and decreasing negative emotions.


Our friends at The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel can certainly attest to the power of hydration and as such will be providing guests of this year’s London Summer Event Show - taking place on 22-23 January –  with Grand Brighton/Richmond Hill Hotel reusable water bottles!


The stylish bottles offer an alternative to the nasty single use plastic ones we’ve all heard so much about recently and as something which is reusable, will increase the likelihood of you getting into the habit of refilling and replenishing daily.


So keep your eyes peeled at the event and be sure to pick up your complimentary water bottle. After all, 2019 is the year to sip your way to success!


For more information about The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel’s campaign to get us drinking more water, check out their latest blog here.

  - Kimberleigh Lloyd, Sales Director at Venue Search London

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