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Book early for Christmas

Thursday 2 April 2015

 Book early for Christmas

With many of the key London Christmas Party venues reporting high levels of early bookings for the key dates, early booking is advised for Christmas party planners in London.

Here are some key tips from Sam Gill, CEO of Venue Search London, to help you with your planning:

Key Dates

If you are looking for a Wednesday to Friday date in the middle two weeks of December, you will need to move fast to secure your preferred date(s). If you have a fixed date and wait too long, you will end up in a less popular venue that may not be in the ideal location.

Flexibility delivers value

If you are happy to hold your party on a Saturday, Monday or Tuesday, make sure you negotiate hard to get the best price, since these dates are often never sold, outside of a few of the very best venues. Shop around and spend time to get the best price. Venues are very keen for this business and I don’t think a Tuesday is any worse than a Wednesday, if you think hard about it! Parties on a Monday will deliver you a morale boost that lasts all week (once the effects have worn off on Tuesday morning!).

Don’t rush the research

Finding the right venue, catering package and suppliers takes time, so make sure you allow enough time to visit the London Christmas party venues and fully cost up all the elements that you will need, especially if you are not buying an all-inclusive package. If drinks are not included, make sure you have all these costs and allowances budgeted in. We often find that clients change their date requests during the process, so make sure you know exactly which date(s) you are after before you start the process.

Visit the London Christmas Party Show

If you want to meet over 100 venues (including bars, hotels, restaurants and bespoke party spaces) and a host of other theming, entertainment and theming suppliers in a single day, then you can apply for your free ticket now. The Show takes place at Victoria House WC1 on Wednesday June 3rd.

Use a dedicated Venue Finding Agency

Of course we would say this, but if you think about it, you have nothing to lose by filling in our free search form and taking advantage of our free venue finding service. You are no doubt a busy person, so why not use our experts who spend the whole year looking into the very best London Christmas Party venues. They can advise on the best prices and dates and negotiate the best prices to fit in with your budget.