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Looking Ahead Christmas 2021

Sunday 22 November 2020

 London Christmas parties 2021  London Christmas party venues

Venue Search London spent the end of 2020, working hard with our bespoke event partners Story Events to deliver some fantastic virtual Christmas parties for our clients. Whilst it may seem strange to start looking ahead to December 2021, it could  be a record year for Christmas celebrations.

As we leave the tough year of 2020 behind us and with news of a vaccine underway we can look ahead into 2021 with optimism. Although it may seem a bit early to be considering the much awaited return to live Christmas celebrations,December is always a busy month and with live events likely not to start until the autumn we can expect a busy Q4 quite yet.

Despite the ongoing closure of most venues, there are several reasons why this is the right time to start looking ahead to secure the best venues, dates and prices for December 2021.

Postponed parties have already filled many dates.

With around 25% of 2020 parties already booked before the March lockdown, the vast majority of these events have been moved to next year, meaning that many of the best dates at the best venues are already booked for December 2021, so securing your favoured date and party venue will be an increasing challenge next Spring.

Prices are likely to increase throughout 2021.

Most venues are currently offering great prices for 2021 as they compete for revenue and event bookings. However, this is likely to change as confidence and demand returns, as we see the return to live events next Spring. So, the best prices may well be secured by booking your London Christmas party venue over the next few months.

Could December be a record party year?

After a fallow season of live celebrations, it is very likely that demand for 2021 Christmas parties in London will be higher than in recent years, as companies re-engage with their teams and focus on rewarding them and rebuilding morale and loyalty after such a challenging year. This will only put additional pressure on diaries, already pre-populated with postponed events.

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