Party Venues London - Things to Consider

London party venue at Shakespeare's Globe
Party venue at Billingsgate Vaults

There is an amazing array of cool and unusual venues available to you when looking for a party venue in London. That is where we can step in to help, whether you are looking for a summer party venue in London or for a special occasion we can assist in ensuring you choose the right place to stage your event.

 We offer a completely free corporate party venue finding service to help you find that perfect venue for your company celebration. With over 1000 London event spaces listed, we have a fantastic team with unrivalled knowledge of all the best event spaces in London. 

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So here are our top tips for helping you choose from the best party venues London has to offer:

Ensure that the venue can offer you the party you are looking for

  • It is really important that your party venue has the necessary licence in place. There is nothing worse that stopping a party in full swing, so make sure the venue has the correct permissions to go as late as you need to (including time to clear the space of any theming or production equipment that you have brought in).
  • Make sure the venue is the right size for your guests. Too big and you will never create a great party atmosphere, however hard you try. Too small and you may not be able to let all your guests in or get them a drink swiftly, again a party killer!
  • Party venues in London can have strict sound restrictions, especially any outdoor party venues. If you are looking for a real party venue, where you can have a live band performing or loud music, then you need to ensure that you won’t be restricted, so best to check these before you sign on the dotted line.
  • A huge number of the most unusual party venues in London have a strict list of caterers who can work in any one venue. If you have your heart set on one in particular, check that your venue can accommodate your request.
  • Location can play such an important part to your party ensuring that you have a good level of guests attending. We advise choosing a venue that has good transport links close by. This will ensure that your guests stay late and feel able to get home safely.

Don’t book until you know all the costs

  • There are so many different elements to a great party, so you must ensure that you have budgeted for all the extras that you will need. Different venues include different elements. For example, London’s more unique venues quite often require more additional extras, such as power, security on top of the basic venue hire when compared to a more traditional party venue.
  • When booking party venues in London, check to see what suppliers you will be required to use. It is great to use London caterers and production companies that know the space well and they can help you with designing and costings, however you need to ensure that you have budgeted the right amount of money.

Top tips for a great party

Here are some of the things that can make or break a great party:

  • Cloakrooms – This may seem strange to hear but the cloakroom can make or break an event, as it is usually the first thing that a guest uses and the last. Ensure there are enough staff and enough space for an efficient cloakroom. Most venues in London who regularly cater for parties know the pitfalls here, but the more unusual venues may not have the right set up.
  • The music - The right DJ or band will make a great a party. If it’s a DJ, agree the play list and genres you want played before you book. If it’s a band, don’t rely on demo tapes and YouTube, since the band members may have changed long ago. Arrange to see them live if you can’t get recent good references from friends or colleagues who have. Again, you can agree the playlist and playing times before you book your DJ to ensure that they will be the perfect fit for your party venue in London.

Christmas Parties

If you are looking for the best venue to hold your company or office Christmas party, then please see our top tips and latest venue ideas in our dedicated London Christmas Party section.

Here are our top picks of the most unusual party venues London has to offer:

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