W London Opens New Bar

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Need to quench your thirst, then look no further than one of London's hottest new bar openings. W London have done it again, but this time bigger and better, by redesigning their public area and lounge spaces to merge cosiness, luxury and and of course, the opportunity to party...

Perception is the key! You'd never believe that behind the doors of W London are seven exclusive rooms divided by exquisite gold curtains and with magnificent views of Leicester Square and Soho, there's a room for every occasion. 

Through a series of bold contrasting colours, themes and characters, the re-design is meant to reflect the 24/7 energy of the W Brand & British Capital.

From a 'Pillow Talk' room full of pillows, to relax after a long day at work, to a 'Playback Room' where you become a DJ with your own private studio and booth - if you've thought of it, they've created it! 

Alternatively, experience the 'On The Rocks Room' which merges a classic pub and high end cocktail bar, where cosiness meets luxury, so you can enjoy the atmosphere after a hard day at the office or on a party night out. We would advise having your dancing shoes ready because the 'DJ Booth Room' is great fun and the perfect place to bust a groove while letting your hair down, in a quirky, sophisticated and glamorous London venue. 

new venue, Luxury Hotel
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