Come and drink Pink Fizz in the City

Thursday 11 January 2018

The 13th might be unlucky for some, but we don't believe in superstition, so tempt fate and join us to discover Camm and Hoopers' city venues through an exclusive viewing of three beautiful event spaces with food and Pink Fizz (of course!)... 

Easy peezy lemon squeezey... All over your pancakes (and maybe a dusting of sugar too!). 

Whether your a classic lemon and sugar person or a chocolate fiend that can't resist those chocolate sprinkles, Nutella and all things chocolate, or a rouge bacon and maple syrup combo kind of person, whatever your topping, we know it is important.

Whether you like a thin one, thick one, big one or small one, come and join us to feast your eyes of some beautiful venues and delicious pancakes! 

We will be meeting at Banking Hall to kick off our adventure!

You'll be taking a journey through the city between Banking Hall, Grace Hall, and The Victoria Bath House, whilst sipping house made infusions and nibbling on incredible food that will blow your socks off!

Why stay at home, when you can have pancakes cooked by the masters? Don't bother turning on the stove, lets leave it to the experts.

We are venue experts and are confident that you will LOVE these. There is something for everyone!

As it will be pancake day, let's talk about it in pancake terms

If you like thick, small pancakes that pack a delicious surprise, The Victoria Bath House will be right up your street. If your a lemon and sugar lover, a classic, but beautifully executed, Banking Hall is for you. But, if you are a little bit adventurous and top your pancakes with crazy twists, Grace Hall is the one!

The more the merrier, so please get in touch with the team today, to find out the details of how to join us on our adventure in The City.

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